Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dewayne Lynch, Los Angeles, California, USA

Thanks, Dewayne! This picture makes me think of the oldtime music tune called "Colored Aristocracy". If you read music it's at the URL and the tune with it "Kitchen Girl" is another terrific tune!

Ryosuke Cohen, Osaka, Japan

Thanks Ryosuke! Really neat to see everybody's contributions in Brain Cell - 676

Annijames Rivero, Venezuela

I love the conejito! What a wonderful piece! Thank you Annija!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Luis Valera Escarre, Venezuela

Many thanks, Luis! Love the spray bottles! If only it was that easy to create art! Love the conejo painting! Kind of makes me think of a bunny at the beach with its sand pail.

Jeffrey Errick, Victoria, BC, Canada

A fellow Victorian. Welcome to the collection of bunny lovers! Love the sayings and the colourful storybook bunnies! Thanks Jeffrey!

Rachel Freeman, Kansas, USA

This bunny, Eugene, is a guardian angel here. We saw him before reaching for Nirvana. His friend, Herman Melville, is the traveller in the family.

Rachel Freeman, Kansas, USA

Many thanks for the collage art! Makes me want to follow in your bunny footprints and make some art in the same style!

Christian Balmier, Paris, France

Merci Beaucoup, Christian!

Jose Manuel Figueiredo, Portugal

This card was the first to arrive. Many thanks Jose! Floppy Moppy started with four little bunnies and now there are more!